Mason's S13 Hatch - Build Break Down

Mason's S13 Hatch - Build Break Down

It's been a little over a year since I purchased my first 240sx. During a hot and humid summer afternoon, I looked at the rattiest 240 I'd seen in person - the only highlight being its freshly built SR20DET. 

The car was no beauty queen; rocking a red driver-side door and a white rattle-can paint job, it was all business. It lacked a rear bumper, had a rough interior and 3 or 4 spacers on each of its Mazda RX-8 wheels. It was obvious this car had been through a string of bad owners and I honestly had zero intentions on keeping it or reversing its luck. 

I messed around with a few minor issues the car had during my first few months of ownership. I had plans of selling it after I made it a bit nicer but eventually the car hooked me with its unique charm. At the time, I had interest in drifting but no real reason to pursue it as I was participating in other forms of motorsport. Eventually though, I took the car to a local event and was immediately hooked.

After a year of ownership, I've sunk more money into this project than I care to admit but, here's a quick run down of everything I've done so far, my future plans for it, and how the car currently sits. 


Brief Build List:

  • Rebuilt SR20DET (Mild Tune at 300 HP)
  • Garret 2871r w/ Greddy Intercooler
  • RSEnthalpy Tune on E85
  • 750cc Injectors
  • Spec Stage 4 Clutch and Flywheel
  • ISR Short Shifter
  • ISR Radiator 
  • ISR Coilovers
  • Wilwood Big Brake Kit (F + R)
  • Cosmis Wheels XT-006R's
  • Koguchi Power Front Fenders 
  • Origin Lab Rear Fenders 
  • Origin Lab Front Bumper
  • Street Faction Bash Bar 
  • Drift Unicorn 70* Angle Kit
  • Chase Bays Hydro 

Future Plans:

Hopefully this car lasts a while and I can enjoy my hard work for years to come. If this old SR does choose to stick around, I'll hopefully do a full refresh on the turbo setup once I finally finish the exterior and interior of the car. Currently working on a few custom bits for the interior and waiting on some parts from Japan to wrap up the exterior. Beyond those plans, I'm hoping to get a few test sessions in soon on the set up. Wish me luck!

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