Clutchkickgarry’s S14 Build Break Down

Thought I’d give a build break down of my S14 so here it goes. 
1995 Nissan S14 kouki nose swapped: Full FD spec roll cage with a tube front and rear with a Mishimoto rear mount radiator and Radium engineering 10 gal. FCST fuel cell Both running all Phenix industries lines and fittings. Feal 441+ drift spec coil overs front and rear with FDF Fab mantis angle kit and FDF Fab billet rear grip kit. Weir performance spool with Villains Z33 half shafts and a GReddy performance larger diff cover. 408 C.I. stroker LS with Chevrolet performance CNC ported LS3 heads with a Brian Tooley valve train and a Callies performance crank shaft Wiseco pistons Comp cam Comp short travel lifters 11.7:1 compression Holley Hi Ram intake and a Holley EFI 95mm billet throttle body. FIC 1200cc injectors. MSD coil packs. Mishimoto oil cooler. Motion race works valve covers with -10 AN bungs for crank case relief into Motion race works catch can. Clutch Masters FX 850 td8r clutch and flywheel. Tex racing T101A dog box. ISR performance motor mounts and HGC headers. Tilton 600 series floor mount pedal box. Part shop max Z32 brakes front and rear with Wavespec rotors. Full fire suppression system. Removable transmission tunnel. Link Xtreme ECU. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of stuff but that’s a basic break down of my build.
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This is when I first purchased my car and put different wheels on itThis picture was taken maybe a month or two after I purchased my car and bought different wheels from a friend of mine. 

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