Clean Culture Daytona 08/22/2020

Clean Culture Daytona 08/22/2020

Clean Culture Daytona 08/22

On Saturday, August Twenty-Second, we decided to take a drive down to Daytona International Speedway to check out Clean Culture Daytona. Once we got to Daytona, there were stance cars street-sharking everywhere, cars hitting rev-limiter, and just about every parking lot was taken over by the car community.


When we arrived, event parking was already full, so we found a spot in a "close by" parking lot and let our adventure begin. My wife and I had brought our two daughters, which are 2 and 4 years old, and a wagon to pull them in. It shortly became an adventure for sure. 


To cut out some walking, we decided to follow some other people, and take a shortcut, where we had to lift the girls and the wagon, while balancing on a concrete barrier that spanned over a 5 foot wide creek. It was definitely sketchy. 


Next came the walk to the show. Once we entered through the main entrance where there were event staff checking temperatures per Covid-19 Regulations, we had a few more mile walk where we would have to carry the wagon down Four flights of steps, through the tunnel under one of the turns, and all the way around the infield to get to the pits. But the walk was ultimately worth it.


Once we got in the event, we met up with Mason Pressley (check out the other blog post of his S13 Build) and walked around.


Right near the gate was this rad Nissan Figaro.


There's something about Slammed Miata's with Cherry Blossom liveries that will never go out of style.


By far one of the cleanest track-built S2000's we've ever seen. 


We made our way over to the Pit Garages where there were definitely some cars to be seen, like this Nissan Gloria.


This A90 Supra did not disappoint.


Another clean S2000.


Kansai Wheels looking good in their natural habitat.


This S15 Spec-R was a show stopper.


and some more photos...


Overall, it was a good time and a great place to go with your kids as well. Everyone was respectful of them walking around, someone came up and gave them stickers of their Accord, and most of all, the kids enjoyed it, too. So in short, Clean Culture puts on a great show, everyone should come out to their future events, and bring your families, too. It's a good time for all ages.

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