Feature Car: @JakePanda_S13’s NoGarageSupply.Com SR20DET S13

Feature Car: @JakePanda_S13’s NoGarageSupply.Com SR20DET S13

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to kick this off by talking about a new blog that we’re going to start doing. Previously, we have been featuring our sponsored driver’s builds here and there. However, with this year being geared more towards driving or attending as many events as possible, we’ve been making some awesome friends so far and coming across a lot of builds that have been catching our eye. 

We would like to use this platform as a way to showcase all of the grassroots and proam level builds that we come across as well as some mild to wild street builds that we just genuinely like. So what better way to kick this off than showcasing a good friend of our’s drift car. 

First off, before we really get to this rad S13 that is unique in its own ways, we would like you to give a shoutout to Jake, the owner, and his other half Nessa! They own a rad company called No Garage Supply!


They came up with the name based off of all of the long nights and hard work they’ve put into their and their friends cars in driveways for years. And the dedication shows in the details of their cars. 

No Garage Supply, (Nogaragesupply.com & I.G. @nogaragesupply), has all of your JDM merch needs, wether you want some sweet Nobori Style Flags for your garage, Crop Tops, Slaps, Sticker, or other rad accessories, they have you covered! So make sure, go check them out after you see this build!


Now on to what everyone’s here for! The S13! 


Jake and Nessa came by our shop to drop it off for some odds and ends to be taken care of and I immediately starting noticing a bunch of small details that just kept getting cooler the more you stare. Like the signatures on the dashboard from their friends!


This car is sticker bombed over almost every inch of glass, but every sticker came from a memory.


The Street Faction Bashbars that protect the front mount inner cooler make the front of the car look crazy agressive.


Even the caved in quarter and door with the Spirit.JP ghost make the car that much cooler! 

It’s the little things, I swear! Like these Aerowolf Mirror Visors. 


The rear fender flares that are blending in the wide Stage Wheels Knights make the car with their “drift stitches”. (Zipties)


Can’t forget The NOGARAGESUPPLY.COM logo on the doors! 




The rear bash bar has a Takata x Formula Drift Towstrap that will kill your knee if you’re not careful around it. (Made that mistake myself😔)


Peep the BCL wing on top of the Rocket Bunny Ducktail. #doublewinggang


The suspension is sitting on a set of Megan Coilovers with a GKTech Super Lock Angle Kit, and fully adjustable rear arms. 

Now onto the engine bay. This car is powered by a Redtop SR20DET managed by an AEM Infinity standalone. 

HKS Cold Air Intake.


Koruworks radiator downs! (Side note, the pollen in FL right now is insane!)

The interior is full function! With these Bride Fixed Back Seats, the Takata Harnesses, and harness bar! 


The NRG Quick Release, DND Performance Interior Steering Wheel, Nameless Performance Hydro, Wilwood inline master cylinder and proportioning valve...


AEM AFR, Water Temp, and Boost Gauges.

There’s just too much cool stuff about this car to  express through photo! So if you guys and gals see this car at the track, make sure to go say hey! They’re awesome people!


Last but not least, I would like to thank Jake and Nessa for trusting us with their car, and allowing us the opportunity to get the bugs sorted out for the season! Make sure to go give them a follow,  say what’s up, and support their business! 

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for more features like this and more content of Jake’s build that’s about to unfold. You won’t want to miss it! 

Jake’s IG: @jakepanda_S13

Nessa’s IG: @mx_ness

No Garage Supply’s IG: @nogaragesupply


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