Condor Speed Shop Rear Subframe Bushings-E36

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Our solid BMW e36 & e36M Rear Subframe Bushings are designed for the street and the track.

We use UHMW in all our suspension bushings because it is stiff, has almost zero deflection yet also absorbs some vibration. It will outlast other types of rubber or urethane bushings. When the e36 is driven hard on the street & on the track, the rear subframe is exposed to extremely large twisting forces. Polyurethane and rubber bushings will deflect and slide, potentially causing your chassis to crack on the subframe mounting points. With our bushings, you won't have to worry about any more flex in your subframe, your rear alignment will stay in check during hard cornering, braking, and acceleration. We include zinc plated steel plates for each bushing.

This item fits all E36s including the M3

Kit includes a 4 subframe bushings and 4 Zinc Plated washers.