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FDF offset rack spacers are the ideal solution for your tierod setup

The benefits of using out offset rack spacers are listed below

- Replaces socket style tierod with a double shear heim joint design, this is both easier to service and lasts much longer through heavy abuse

- multiple offset positions, It is very common to run offset rack spacers on your drift car, this prevents over centering and binding at high angle, but the ideal solution is to relocate your rack. Relocating your rack will keep all your forces applied inline with the steering rack, preserving your rack seals. our offset rack spacers allow you to run in an offset position or inline with the rack. 

- Billet steel shackle design, the design of our shackles insures that it will take all the abuse you can throw at your car. machined from a solid block of steel and nickle electro plated, it is the most innovative option on the market today.  

Cost, keeping costs reasonable for the end user has always been our goal, these products can be expensive at first but from your purchase on the only part you will need to replace is the inexpensive rod end. so it is an investment in to cheaper repairs down the road. 


2 billet shackles (left and and right hand side)

Add on

-2 m16x1 allen head bolts for schassis

- 2 m16x1.5 allen head for frs/brz

-2 inner tierod heim joints with jam nuts