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The Schassis Grip knuckles are the best option for road racing / time attack in today's market, and here's why,

Utilizes a 350Z bolt on front wheel bearing for easy maintenance and a cheaper option to run a 5x114 bolt pattern. 

-Steering Ratio, 25% faster steering ratio

-Ackerman, 12 degrees ackerman, this is the optimal ackerman setting for an schassis with a wider track width (between 25-50mm per side wider) 

-Roll Center, optimized handling by adding 50mm of roll center correction

-Bump steer, minimal bump steer by dropping the tierod pick up point to suit the roll center corrected knuckles. 

-Caster, added caster geometry for better high speed stability 

-Camber, optimized camber ranging from -1 to -3

-Track Width, the ideal increase in track width is 25-50mm 

-Drop knuckle, the knuckle suspension mounts are 25mm lower for a lightweight knuckle design (this means you will need to lengthen your coilover 25mm before install to maintain the same ride height)

-Hardware, hardware is included for the 350z bearing 


Please allow 2 weeks for build time 

for custom colour please send us an email with your order number and the colour you want fdfraceshop@gmail.com

Please allow 2-3weeks of fabrication before the item is sent.