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Direct-fit BRZ, FRS and GT-86 Grassroots Performance "Type 1" Coilovers

This "Type 1" set of coilovers has been designed and tested for daily street and drift or road race conditions. Proven track performance is delivered by the mono-tube construction, custom valving, specced spring rates, and adjustable camber top plates. 32 stages of dampening to dial in your driving style and vehicle response. Even at low ride height setups, this is reliability without sacrificing your ride quality. "Type 1" coilovers help maximize your stance with full-bodied adjustable bottom mount. A perfect match to your new Angle Kit or Brake Kit.

FITS ALL 2013+ Models

Recently featured in the "Performance Auto & Sound" SEMA 2018 Issue. View the feautured article here

1 Year Replacement Warranty

    • Track Enthusiast Level
    • Mono Tube Construction
    • Custom Spring rates are available upon request
    • 45MM Pistons
    • 7K Front 6K Rear spring rate
    • 32 Stages of Dampening Levels
    • Allen Key Dampening Control
    • Full Body Height Adjusting
    • Anodized & Powder coated components
    • Track tested & approved
    • For 2013+ Models

    SAVE $200 when you purchase with the FDF FRS / BRZ Mantis Angle Kit

    The "BASE KIT" includes the following

    -Custom knuckles
    (50mm roll center corrected, adjustable ackerman, 40%weight reduction, double shear spherical bearing pick up and added trail to work with the reduced caster)
    - Lower control arms
    (adjustable in length and caster, these lower control arms reach out to +75mm over stock length)
    - Outer Tierods (sperical bearing outer ball joint with 2024 aluminum adjuster)
    -Caster plates (new plates for your coilover top that moves the top of the coilover out as far as legally possible, and reduces caster for less bind, less camber gain through lock, and better contact patch during drift)
    -All hardware required for install

    The "FULL KIT" includes these additional pieces to the base kit

    -Inner Tierods
    -adjustable offset rack spacer (an offset rack spacer that allows for a spherical bearing to be used, and offers adjustable setting for rach offset)
    -weld on plates for subframe (instructions included in purchase of kit)

    The "POWER KIT" includes these additional pieces

    this kit is in development to implement the s-chassis power steering rack for hydraulic power steering. 

    -steering rack weld in mounts
    -subframe braces
    -different knuckles to suit the changed rack location