SIKKY / WINTERS Quick Change Differential Subframe Kit

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The Sikky / Winters Quick Change Rear Kit is a crucial addition when building your race car to perform at the highest level. This setup gives the user the ability to change their gear ratio in less than 5 minutes by simply removing the rear cover of the rear end. This is a huge advantage when dialing in your setup at the track to make sure your gearing is in the sweet spot and your not forced to shift at inopportune times. It’s also designed to handle massive amounts of power. Customers have put this setup to use on cars with well over 1200 hp.

We designed, developed, and tested our subframe kit to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Using our advanced technology like our FARO 3D scanning arm and Solidworks CAD software we design and build every sub frame assembly to precise tolerances. Perfect rear placement ensures that the differential is placed dead center every time for optimum CV joint angles while also remaining Formula Drift legal.  Built to handle all the abuse a high HP car can put out. The subframe comes preassembled with the necessary brackets welded on and the entire assembly powder coated black. You have the option to add a Sikky Winters IRS rear, Sikky solid subframe bushings, driveshaft, and/or heavy duty axles. If yo ure looking to gain an edge over the competition then the Sikky Winters IRS Subframe Kit is what you need!


Kit Info:

  • Formula Drift Legal
  • NO Subframe Core Required
  • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets
  • Fully Assembled using our FARO Arm to Ensure Absolute Perfect Diff Placement
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Includes all Necessary Hardware
  • Fuel Cell or Fuel Tank Relocation Required in most applications